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Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt

30th First Lady of The United States of America

Born on Tuesday, August 6, 1861 in Norwich, Connecticut     -     Died on Thursday, September 30, 1948 in Oyster Bay, New York

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        "Nothing would please me more than when I die
        they put this inscription on my tombstone:
        Everything she did was for
        the happiness of others."

                   - Edith Roosevelt quoted at
                      meeting of Oyster Bay Needlework Guild, 1932

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Edith Kermit Carow: A Life in Pictures

Quick Facts

Father: Charles Carow (1825-1883)

Mother: Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler (1836-1895)

Grandfather: Daniel Tyler, general in the U.S. Civil War

Best friend of Theodore Roosevelt's sister, Corinne

Engaged to be married to Theodore Roosevelt on November 17, 1885

Married to Theodore Roosevelt on December 2, 1886, at St. George's Church of Hanover Square, London, England

Avid member of the Needlework Guild

Religion: Episcopalian

Schooling: Attended Miss Comstock's School

Campaigned against Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932; gave a seconding speech on Herbert Hoover's nomination to a second term

5' 7" tall, 125 pounds, blue-grey eyes, and dark brown hair

Family of Edith Roosevelt

Husband:                   Theodore Roosevelt     (1858-1919)

Son:                            Theodore Roosevelt Jr.     (1887-1944)

Son:                            Kermit Roosevelt     (1889-1943)

Daughter:                 Ethel Carow Roosevelt     (1891-1977)

Son:                            Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt     (1894-1979)

Son:                            Quentin Roosevelt     (1897-1918)

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