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Kermit Roosevelt

Captain, U.S. Army

Born on Thursday, October 10, 1889 in Oyster Bay, N.Y.     -     Died on Thursday, June 3, 1943 in Fort Richardson, Alaska

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Kermit was the second child of T.R. and Edith.

Attended Groton and Harvard University.

Accompanied T.R. on his African Safari (1909)
and River of Doubt Expedition in Brasil (1913-1914).

Married to Belle Wyatt Willard 11 June 1914 in Madrid, Spain.

Four Children: Kermit "Kim", Joseph, Belle "Clochette", Dirck.

Awarded the Military Cross for service in WWII.

Founder of the Roosevelt Steamship Company and the United States Lines.

Suffered from chronic depression and alcoholism.

Committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot.

Noted for being a great writer, linguist, naturalist, and avid reader.

Books about
Kermit Roosevelt

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Kermit Roosevelt : A Life in Pictures

Quick Facts

The most sensitive of the Roosevelt children, Kermit was a moody, detached, and sickly child who grew to emulate
his father's love for literature and the strenuous life of an outdoorsman and naturalist. Kermit and sister Ethel warred as children, and ganged up on Archie, but all his siblings called Kermit "the lucky one".

His prodigious intellect helped him graduate from Harvard in two and one-half years. Kermit began his professional career as assistant manager of National City Bank in Buenos Aires, Argentina, until he joined the British Army as an honorary captain serving in the Mesopotamian Theatre. After the war, Kermit founded the Roosevelt Steamship Company and the United States Lines.

In 1929, Kermit and Ted Jr. went on a hunting expedition across the Himalayas over uncharted mountain passes.
Their exploits were documented in Kermit's book titled "East of the Sun and West of the Moon".

In 1939, Kermit was appointed a 2nd Lieutenant in the Middlesex Regiment of the British Army, serving valiantly in the Winter War in Finland and the North Africa campaign.

In an effort to curb his alcoholism and philandering, Belle sought the help of her Uncle, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR had Kermit posted to Fort Richardson, Alaska, where he "participated" in bombing runs against Japanese positions in the Aleutians and also established a territorial militia of Eskimos and Aleuts.

His mother's favorite son, Kermit's cause of death was described to Edith as heart disease.
The towns of Kermit in Texas and West Virginia and named after Kermit Roosevelt.

Kermit wrote several books, and here you can download three of them as digitized by Google Books:
  • The Long Trail
  • The Happy Hunting Grounds
  • War in the Garden of Eden
  • East of the Sun & West of the Moon

  • Family of Kermit Roosevelt

    Wife:                   Belle Wyatt Willard     (1892–1968),    married in 1914.

    Son:                     Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt (1916-2000); mastermind of CIA Operation Ajax that deposed Mossadegh in Iran
                                 and returned the Shah to the Peacock Throne in August 1953.

    Son:                    Joseph Willard Roosevelt (1918-2008)

    Daughter:          Belle "Clochette" Wyatt Roosevelt (1919-1985)

    Son:                     Dirck Roosevelt (1925-1953)

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